Introducing Couchy Play

the comfy media player on your Smart TV

Lean-back Experience
  • Access your favorite content in a lean-back couchy mode
  • No more additional cabling setup
  • Link your TV to a Couchy account and start browsing your content right away
Cloud Watcher
  • Browe and watch multimedia content stored in your cloud storage accounts
  • Dropbox, Google Drive, SugarSync and the list is growing
  • Available on ROKU and Google TV, soon available to other platforms
Premimum Content
  • Cinematic access to premium content from your content providers
  • Preview trailers from different premium content owner with the comfy 10-feet experience
Multiple Platforms
  • ROKU
  • Google TV
  • Android-based Tablets and TVs
  • Panasonic VierCast TV
  • More to come soon